What are my stock options worth?

Lesson in Course: FAQ (beginner, 20min)

A four step guide to introduce stock options.

It's not uncommon for employees to be told to consider their stock options to be worthless. 

While everyone hopes their startup succeeds, in reality, many fail, and discounting the value of the equity offered is a way for many to set their own expectations. However, as the company progresses, should this assumption hold? 

We need to first understand how equity compensation works.

1. Equity compensation

We usually get paid with cash. What is equity compensation and how does it benefit me?

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2. Understanding an option grant

We received stock options from our employer. What are they, and what do we need to know?

Understanding the basics
3. Incentive stock options

We received incentive stock options as part of our equity compensation. What are they?

Learn about ISOs
4. Non-qualified stock options

We have non-qualified stock options, but what are they?

Learn about NSOs