Water, flour, cheese, tomatoes, and money

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What does water, combined with flour, cheese, and tomatoes, have to do with investing?

Outside of setting aside money for lunch, these ingredients, combined in an oven, show that inflation makes waiting to invest unaffordable for all Americans.

I love food. Growing up, I've spent a lot of time thinking about pizza—maybe too much. Now that I live in New York City, knowing where to get the best slice has been a necessary crutch when making small talk with strangers and making life-long friends. NYC pizza slices are cut wide, with a thicker, crispy crust on the outside and a thin pliable bottom that allows you to fold the slice length-wise to support all of the cheese and toppings.

Oh so delicious.

Here's the best part. There have been many places to get a slice of pie for $1 in NYC. After the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, college students to Wallstreet executives all found themselves with shallower pockets and it was at this moment that pizza makers across New York discovered they could produce pizza at much lower costs, and continue to meet their bottom line by selling dollar slices. The pizza business quickly boomed.

Pizza became an equalizer in troubling fiscal times.

What goes up, must come down.

Fast forward to today, the same shops are now selling slices for $1.50 with only a few holding on to the promise of dollar slices. A business raising prices isn't surprising—Netflix managed to convince us to pay more every two years. Both examples are inflationary because we as the consumer has to pay more for the same service, however, unlike Netflix, the pizza shops do not have public shareholders to report to, a board of directors to appease, or a full team dedicated to test price elasticity. Instead, the mom-and-pop owners of the slice shops are raising prices because they need to survive.

Big bad inflation

The gradual disappearance of dollar slices could be

For the hungry, we can chalk this up to inflation. It's been all over the news about how things are now more expensive than before and it would be reasonable that our slices