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"Investing always seemed out of reach for me. Wall Street intimidated me and I didn't know where to start since I didn't know who to trust. With Archimedes and their goal oriented paths, I've become empowered to start investing. Looking back, I can't believe I felt that this was out of reach for me!"

Valentina Mishkov

29, Hoboken

"Archimedes motivated me to create a Vanguard account and a Robinhood account to do more investing. I was able to make an investment and adjust my 401(k). Overall, I feel more empowered!"

Kieley Crisp

30, Nashville

“Becoming responsible for your own finances can feel overwhelming at times. I don't want to spend hours reading and trying to find profitable advice. Archimedes gives me information I can understand and use immediately.”

Alexander Coleman

35, Nashville

“Archimedes addresses a pain point the next generation of investors don't know they have yet.”

Kevin Hsu

30, San Francisco

“Lots of tools out there have figured out how to easily let me execute trades. But I hardly every use them because I lack the one thing I need to trade: confidence. Archimedes gives me that confidence through bite-sized education that fits my insane schedule. It's exactly what I needed!”

Albert Ho

35, Boston

“I just figured out how my 401k worked last year, and am enrolled in ESPP but don’t really know what that is. I want to start preparing to buy a house and I don’t know what to do with all my Autodesk stock. Archimedes helps me answer all my questions.”

Michaela Alexander

33, Oakland

"The market is flooded with money management tools offering overlapping or incomplete resources. Archimedes is a one-stop-shop for financial education for all ages, interests, and expertise.”

Agnes Rafalko

36, London

Your line-up of coaches

Investing experience and expertise matter. Don't be misled by comments on the internet. Trust experts in the field instead.


SooMan Wolffs, CFA

SooMan is the Vice President at Manhattan Venture Partners where he invests in pre-IPO companies.

Bryce Tolman, MBA

Bryce has 15+ years of experience in the public and private markets as an options trader.

Nathan Gurr, CPA

Nathan is an expert in  crypto -asset valuations. He runs the Crypto Cartography discord and researches coins weekly.

Yishi Zuo, MBA

Yishi has worked at Goldman Sachs and a hedge fund in San Francisco. He started his own company and now works in venture investing.

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