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I want to learn how to...

understand the stock market

maximize my stock options

manage my investments

plan for the future

save for retirement

form a strategy on Robinhood

pick stocks

trade calls, puts, and other derivatives

optimize my loan payments

For first time investors, learning by doing can be expensive. Make financial decisions with confidence with fun lessons and tools to help you be a better investor.
Bite-sized investing lessons for learning on the go.
Maximize your 401(k) and stock options at work.

Learn from a community of peer investors.
Connect to your stockbroker
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Tools and calculators for actionable decisions.
Fun interactive game to put your new skills to the test.


Learn by playing.

Navigate through real-life decisions in an exciting game of Paper Chase. Play against your friends and show them why you are a better investor.


Investment education that’s approachable, bite-sized, and actionable.

Start with 5 minute lessons to discover new investment strategies. Implement the strategies in Paper Chase and learn without any risk before trying on Robinhood.


Join a community of peer investors.

Ask questions, discuss investments, or share your favorite Robinhood trading strategies on Archimedes. Learn and grow your knowledge and portfolio together.

Finance for everyone

What our friends are saying...

“Lots of tools out there have figured out how to easily let me execute trades. But I hardly every use them because I lack the one thing I need to trade: confidence. Archimedes gives me that confidence through bite-sized education that fits my insane schedule. It's exactly what I needed!”
Albert Ho
CTO, XChain; YC Alum
“I wish there was a product that helped me understand the best basic strategies to be financially stable as a 30-something, and model out what I need to do based on how my life changes, like buying an apartment or managing my stock options. I know I need to contribute to my 401k, but that’s about it!”
Clair Byrd

Sr. Director, Twilio
"The market is flooded with money management tools offering overlapping or incomplete resources. Archimedes is a one-stop-shop for financial education for all ages, interests, and expertise."
Agnes Rafalko
CEO, Glycomine
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